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DIY Or Professional End Of Lease Cleaning

The end-of-lease cleaning is the most significant cause of deposit deductions. Similarly, it is the easiest to mitigate by executing an effective cleaning session before the final inspection. Thus, cleaning your home before moving out is critical if you want your bond amount back. The entire move-out process can be pricey, so naturally, cleaning by yourself instead of hiring professionals may seem like the cost-effective option. It can be hard to decide considering the amount of work and time involved in an end-of-tenancy cleaning. Therefore, there some end of lease cleaning tips;

Time Factor

To have the rental property in perfect condition, leaving no reason for the owner to deduct your deposit, you have to do many things. If you have had a chance to see the professional end-of-lease cleaning checklist, then you know it is not an easy task. Besides, the cleaning must be deep and thorough to the inspector’s satisfaction or the landlord’s. Therefore, before settling on cleaning the property by yourself, check how much time you have. It may not be a one-day affair since your ability is limited. Furthermore, you also have packing to do. If you plan yourself well, then DIY will be a good option. However, if the moving-out decision was impromptu, then there is a need to involve the professionals.

The Cleaning Standards

It is believed that cleanliness is an intellectual concept and that everyone has a different perception of it. Nonetheless, when it comes to the end of tenancy cleaning, you cannot use the same argument. When moving into a rental property, there is a lease agreement that you sign stating that you will leave the property in the similar condition you found it at the time of terminating your tenancy. Thus, there are specific standards of cleaning that you are expected to attain. It is better to review the cleaning process and see if you will meet the required standards. Moreover, check if you have the required equipment and products to give you excellent results.


If you are on a lean budget, cleaning the property by yourself could be the best option. However, it is good to understand that in some cases, hiring a professional cleaning company might be a better deal. For instance, if you have carpets and furniture that require deep-cleaning, you will still rent the cleaning machines. Furthermore, for a perfect cleaning, you have to get a lot of detergents and cleaning tools, which will cost you. Hence, before concluding that DIY will be the cheapest option, calculate the cost of the things to be rented and bought. Then, you can compare the cost with the cost of hiring an end-of-tenancy cleaning company. If the difference is not significant, opt for professional cleaning.

Finally, if you still hesitate to decide, you can compare the benefits of hiring a professional to do the cleaning or clean on your own. The DIY for end-of-lease cleaning is a good option if you are in a rented room or small apartment and the property has no furnishings. If you had done a deep cleaning a few months ago, it would be easier. However, if your landlord requires explicit professional cleaning, it would be better to get the experts.